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Stay Together Marriage is a Christian marriage consulting service. We strive to be compassionate and approach the needs of every couple with professionalism and confidentiality. Our goal is to build happy marriages by providing sound advice using biblical principles. God created marriage, therefore, it's necessary to follow God’s biblical instructions about marriage in order to restore married couples back to the happiness and joy God intended. Marriage is an awesome institution certainly worth fighting for. Husband and Wife are stronger together than apart.



Who We Are

My name is Rhakagi Wahhab. I am the author of Stay Together Marriage, a happy marriage building guide and CEO of Stay Together Marriage a marriage consulting service. My husband and I are a happily married Christian couple 20 years and counting with three awesome children. We know how good marriage is and want every discouraged couple to experience happiness in their marriage. Happy marriages are not just good for the husband and wife, children reap the benefits of growing up in a loving and supportive home. What we do or don’t do to improve our marital relationships have a direct impact on our children. So make the decision to choose to work at making your Marriage the very best it can be so your children will be impacted positively. Marriage is too important to give up. Helping couples to develop strategies to work through their marital issues are our top priority. Our mission is to help couples build happy homes through happy marriages.


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As a Christian marriage consulting /advising service our focus is to provide support and guidance in order to repair, heal, and save struggling marriages from a divorce. We understand the detrimental impact on the family as a whole in dysfunctional relationships. It is our desire to work with couples to develop strategies for building and keeping a happy marriage. Our services were created to be effective, convenient, and affordable,  saving our clients time, and money. Couples will reap the benefits of getting the help they need in the comfort of their home or whatever location they choose. Our services are conducted through video chat, e-mail, and phone.

marriage consulting
for premarital couples & married couples

Marriage is a holy covenant instituted by God. A common issue that causes problems in marriages is due to couples not having a full understanding of what a Godly marriage entails. Possessing the knowledge of how to be a Godly husband and wife will cut down on marital problems significantly. Premarital Services include using biblical principles to establish proper roles of husband and wife to ensure success in marriage. Equally important, many issues in marriage stem from a breakdown in communication, respect, trust, and appreciation. Married couples services consist of finding causes and solutions to marital problems.

How to Get Started

To begin the process couples should use the e-mail form to schedule a complimentary phone consultation. After the consultation couples will be given further instructions. Couples should be prepared to answer questions during the marriage consulting sessions. Couples will also be given assignments created specifically for the area in their marriage that needs improvement. All we need is willing participants to keep an open mind, work through the process, and by faith put the corresponding action in place to receive positive change in marriage.


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Do you feel like your marriage happiness level is running on empty?
Are you having trouble getting along with your spouse?
Is communicating effectively in your marriage difficult?
Do you love your spouse enough to do whatever it takes to rebuild your happiness?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you're in the right place. We are here for you, we can help ! All we need is two willing participants committed to doing whatever it takes. "If you say you love your spouse prove it ! Our Christian marriage consulting and advising service is here to help you both work through the process towards a brighter tomorrow.


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We believe all we need is two willing participants to keep an open mind, work through the process, and by faith put the corresponding action in place to receive positive change in their marriage.

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